March 20, 2015

Why Selling Your Stuff at a Pawn Shop is Better

Everyday people just like you find themselves in need of short-term, small-dollar loans that aren't available from banks or traditional lenders. Pawnbrokers, such as United Pawn, are here to get you that money instantly and in cash!

We all have items we don't need or want laying around the house. Why not just sell those items on eBay, Craig's List or have a garage sale instead of getting a pawn loan? Excellent question and we're glad you asked!

eBay can be great for small items that are in high demand. But they charge fees and those fees can be high! For example, if you sell your iPad on eBay for $250, your ebay fee is $25.45, your Paypal fee is $7.55 and shipping will cost around $25. So your $250 sale, just cost you $58. Big, bulky or heavy items can be cost prohibitive to sell and ship.

Craig's List is a great place to sell big, bulky or heavy items to local buyers, assuming there are local buyers interested in what you have to sell. While there are no fees, recent news reports prove that Craig's List can be downright dangerous.

Garage sales can be a lot of fun, especially if you have multiple items to sell. But people go to garage sales for a bargain, which means you won't get the best price for your stuff. Also, if you don't sell your items, you don't get your cash.

Pawning is easy, safe, convenient and you will get your item back when you pay back the loan. At United Pawn, we only charge 10% for your loan; so a $200 pawn loan on your iPad will cost $20 a month. If you don't pay off the loan in 90 days, United Pawn will simply terminate your contract and sell the item in our store. Extensions are also available if you're really attached to that iPad and want to get it back!

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