February 11, 2015

Why we don't carry guns.

United Pawn strives to be "The nicest shop in town." Our goal is to not only be the best pawn shop in the neighborhood, but the best pawn shop in town. We believe that an important part of that is to make sure that everyone in Tampa feels welcome in our store. We feel that carrying guns detracts from that goal.

We are family friendly and we always focus on our customer's needs. We want you to feel safe and comfortable bringing in your children and extended family to check out our new merchandise. If guns make even one person feel uneasy about entering our store, we would rather not carry them.

At United Pawn we strive to be the most professional and most attractive pawn shop in the area. We want you to feel the same about entering our store as you would about entering any other department store, big box retailer or jewelry store.  Our goal is to elevate the quality of service that you receive from a pawn shop and constantly exceed your expectations.

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